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A 3 month conceptual research project with a tight budget and very open brief resulted in Prompt. Having explored the brief through a range of first hand research techniques, the project was focused towards the problem of food waste.

Approximately 1/3 of all food produced is thrown away. A lot of domestic food waste is caused by spoilage, with consumers being misinformed by retailers and undervaluing the produce they are buying.

Prompt is an internet connected device which aims to reduce this waste by offering simple and intuitive platform which reminds consumers of the food they own. Ultimately, through using Prompt a consumer's behaviour should change over time to reduce their food waste.

First Hand Research

The brief called upon the team to 'Develop a product for a market which is currently under-served'. With such a broad beginning we decided to do some guerrilla research by going onto the streets on London in search of inspiration. Insights from this provided this project with much needed direction, which was further informed through the use of carefully constructed research scenarios and user interviews.

This project was undertaken alongside Mireia Vila, Lewis Atkins and Yee Ruh

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