Track Pack

1 in every 100 parcels is reported lost, stolen or damaged. This becomes very problematic when moving fragile, valuable or hazardous items. The implications of an incident in these cases can be very severe, causing great damage to businesses or individuals. Track Pack is a product service which provides data to shipping companies in order to mitigate issues arising with specialist freight, while also providing piece of mind to senders and recipients.

The service comprises 3 devices which measure tilt, impact, temperature, humidity and light. This information is transmitted to an online database, where freight can be tracked and monitored by interested parties. Furthermore, the information is sent to shipping staff who can track the freight in real time and change behaviors in order to reduce damage before it occurs.

Product Service Systems

The project saw the development of several individual devices. These were conceived, developed and tested to ensure they would function reliably during transit. The products alone do not have much value, and as such the entire system needed consideration. A service was devised to obtain the data from the products and offer it to users to obtain the most value from the information being recovered.