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- Metalicon / Arrow Group

Most commercial and retail spaces have a need for flexible working spaces. This can be complex when large computer monitors and laptops are also a necessity. We were tasked with the development of an arm which can counterbalance a mixture of computer screens, laptops, and tablets such that a user may effortlessly maneuver them around a desk.

The solution is a modular product which is highly focused on end user adjustability, product longevity, and mechanical quality. The arm provides full tilt, twist, height, and rotational freedom of monitors ranging from 2 to 10kg.

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This project was presented initially as a redevelopment of an existing product. Through development we were able to introduce a wide array of novel features and mechanisms which have greatly added to the value of the device. Many of these have gone on to form the cornerstone of utility and design patents, differentiating the company from their competition.

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We supported the development of this project from concept through to manufacture. Working with a Chinese supplier, we refined each component through to production ready technical documentation and problem solved manufacturing issues.

The outcome is a hugely complex product which is built up from over 200 custom components comprising 73 unique parts. This includes 18 aluminium die castings and 25 plastic injection moulds as well as CNC turning, sheet metal stamping, extrusion, and overmoulding.