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- Mint Digital

Approximately 1/3 of all food produced is thrown away. A lot of domestic food waste is caused by spoilage, with consumers being misinformed by retailers and undervaluing the produce they are buying. Prompt is an internet connected device which aims to reduce this waste by offering a simple and intuitive platform which reminds consumers of the food they own. Ultimately, it is through using Prompt that a consumer's behaviour changes over time to reduce their food waste.

Removing a peg from the docking station informs an app that a food item is being used. Different colours are used to represent meat, fish, vegetables, dairy, and leftovers. Users can then track the age and type of food they have available, ensuring that they make use of existing produce before buying new food and wasting old.


This 3 month project was highly research based, used as a marketing tool and fundraising generator for the client. As such, the focus was on solving a big problem with a clear and attractive solution.

We ran research groups and designed exploration tasks to devise and develop an intuitive product solution that was user focused. The end result is a simple and achievable product concept available for the client to use in obtaining financial backing.



This project culminated in the creation of communication materials which were suitable for expressing the design for marketing and fundraising. As such we produced a full scale visual prototype to a high aesthetic fidelity. This formed the basis for photo and video creation, which you can watch here.