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- Lymn Associates & East Coast Mobility

Many people rely on their mobility scooters to provide independence throughout the year. This means dealing with seasonal weather changes. If someone wants to be protected from the weather they normally need to utilise a scooter with a solid chassis canopy, which cannot be removed.

Scooterpac is the first folding canopy which can be fixed to any mobility scooter and deployed when needed. The system has been designed to be erected quickly and with minimum effort to provide full protection from the elements.

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Underneath our custom designed fabric cover is a light weight aluminium frame. We worked to set up the manufacture of the final product to ensure strength and ease of movement in the folding mechanism, while also removing all areas for finger entrapment to international standards.

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After conceiving the design, we sourced and communicated with the manufacturers to take the product through its initial batches. The components for this projects were designed to use zero-investment production techniques to minimise the upfront capitol investment required by the client.