Nyker Design



Soap Holder

- Woosh Washrooms

We were tasked by the client to produce an opulent bottle holder for high end washrooms. The solution is an elegant artefact, machined in the UK from solid aluminium. Furthermore, we developed a secure quick release catch which reduces the time to replace bottles while discouraging people from stealing.


We worked alongside machinists to design and manufacture parts in the UK without any tooling costs. The final design enabled the client to produce small batches with a relatively short lead time and no upfront capitol investment.

MSH_Sample Plates_02.jpg


After machining, the components are treated to not only protect the surface, but provide a finish which can be unique to any order. Not only did we work with polishers to provide multiple different textures, we sourced a range of plate, anodised, and powder coat finishes. This offers an almost limitless array of styles for the product while still being applicable to small custom batches.