Nyker Design




- Self funded

Finding a light source when outside can sometimes be difficult. We develop a miniature flashlight which can be worn or carried at all times and provides a staggeringly large amount of light.

The rechargeable, waterproof design includes both red and white lights for use in a wide array of outdoor pursuits. An innovative magnetic clasp design enables the product to be carried and mounted in a wide number of ways, allowing users to interact with the light in a way which most suits their needs.


We developed VALO as a test platform for undertaking a crowd funding campaign. After around 5 months of development we launched on Kickstarter. The project raised £16,000 from over 400 backers. Media production and customer relations were all done in house while we maintained our high standards of product engineering.

Prototype History 01.jpg


Bringing VALO to a final design took a huge amount of iterative design. This was mainly emphasised by continuous prototyping to test and refine the features and functions of the design.

We worked with a contracted electronics engineer to develop custom surface mount PCBs and programming. The outcome was a production ready design which met the design specification while having minimal upfront capitol investment requirements.